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 Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica – Abstract Series (Szeged)
Vol. 7, 2012

5th Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians Conference (MSCC)
3rd Central-European Mineralogical Conference (CEMC)

Edited by Béla Fehér
Complete book
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Almási, E.E., Pál-Molnár, E. & Batki, A.

Mineralogy and mineral chemistry of hornblendites from the Ditrău Alkaline Massif (Romania) and its petrogenetic relations


Anason, A., Marincea, Şt., Bilal, E., Dumitras, D.G. & Iancu, A.M.

Geochemistry of the skarn from Mraconia Valley, Romania


Aradi, L., Hattori, K., Griffin, W., O’Reilly, S., Szabó, Á. & Szabó, Cs.

Distribution of platinum-group elements in upper mantle xenoliths from the Carpathian-Pannonian Region


Arató, R., Kiss, G. & Molnár, F.

Mineralogy, petrography and origin of a hydrothermal breccia in the Recsk porphyry-epithermal ore complex, Ilona Valley, Parád (NE-Hungary)


Atanassova, R. & Vassileva, R.D.

Tennantite-tetrahedrites from Madan Pb-Zn hydrothermal deposits (Bulgaria): crystal morphology and mineral textures


Azzali, E., Marescotti, P., Carbone, C., Dinelli, E., Porro, S., de Capitani, L. & Servida, D.

Environmental impact of acid mine drainage on the Roşia River (Roşia Montană mining area, Romania): a mineralogical and geochemical approach


Bačík, P., Uher, P., Ozdín, D. & ©tevko, M.

Crystal chemistry of V-, Cr- and Mn-bearing silicate minerals in Čierna Lehota, Stráľovské vrchy Mts., Slovak Republic


Bajnóczi, B., Nagy, G. & Tóth, M.

Technological examination of 18th to 19th century cobalt-blue decorative ceramics from Transylvania (Romania)


Baretto, S. de B., Zebec, V., Čobić, A., Begić, V., Wegner, R., Kampić, ©. & Bermanec, V.

Preliminary study of euclase from RN, Brazil


Batki, A., Pál-Molnár, E., Markl, G. & Wenzel, T.

Compositional variations of clinopyroxene from ijolite, Ditrău Alkaline Massif, Romania


Benkó, Zs., Molnár, F., Mogessie, A., Severson, M., Hauck, S. & Arehart, G.

Charnockitization of granitoid rocks in the footwall of the Duluth Complex (Minnesota, USA)


Beqiraj, A. & Beqiraj (Goga), E.

Geochemical composition of chromite – An effective tool for the chromite ore exploration (case study: ultramafic massif of Bulqiza, Albania)


Beqiraj (Goga), E. & Beqiraj, A.

Geochemical composition of zeolitic rocks from Munella region (ophiolitic complex of Albania)


Berkesi, M., Pintér, Zs., Káldos, R., Park, M., Guzmics, T., Czuppon, Gy. & Szabó, Cs.

CO2-rich fluids in the mantle: A comparative fluid inclusion study


Bertle, R.J., Koller, F. & Melcher, F.

The ultramafic complex of Nauders (Lower Engadine Window, Eastern Alps, Austria)


Berzina, A.N., Berzina, A.P. & Gimon, V.O.

Possible magma and metal sources of porphyry Mo-Cu deposits from Eastern Transbaikalia (Russia)


Biernacka, J.

Distribution of authigenic clay minerals in Rotliegend aeolian sandstones from the Fore-Sudetic Monocline, SW Poland


Bodor, S. & Földessy, J.

Petrological and geochemical study of the Lower Triassic siliciclastic succession of the Rudabánya ore deposit (NE Hungary)


Bors, V. & Tóth, J.

Modeling the effects of drilling fluids with heat treated core samples


Broska, I., Petrík, I. & Uher, P.

Paragenesis of typomorphic accessory minerals vs. typology of granitic rocks: Examples from Western Carpathians, Slovakia


Campeanu, M., Balica, C., Stremţan, C. & Balintoni, I.

Age of post-collisional events in the Danubian domain (South Carpathians, Romania): Motru Dyke Swarm


Cândido Filho, M., Scholz, R., ®igovečki Gobac, ®., Belotti, F.M. & Bermanec, V.

Ferrimolybdite in Divino de Ubá pegmatite, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Chernyatieva, A.P., Spiridonova, D.V. & Krivovichev, S.V.

The crystal chemistry of new synthetic compounds CsNaCu(P2O7) and Rb2Cu(P2O7)


Cho, H.G. & Choi, H.

Hydrothermal alteration of the active seamounts in Tonga Volcanic Arc, Southern Lau Basin, Southwestern Pacific


Čobić, A., Baretto, S. de B. & Bermanec, V.

Mineralogical characteristics of ceramics


Čopjaková, R.

Formation of authigenic monazite and xenotime in very low-grade metasediments: Role of the chemical composition of host rock


Čopjaková, R., Novák, M. & Vaąinová Galiová, M.

Distribution of REE in tourmaline from tourmalinites and host mica schists: Implications for evolution and genesis


Čopjaková, R., ©koda, R. & Buriánek, D.

Hydrothermal alteration of tourmaline from tourmalinites in the Krkonoąe Crystalline Unit, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic


Crandell, O.N.

Petrographic analysis of lithic artefacts from Limba (Romania) to confirm Neolithic trade patterns


Daneu, N. & Rečnik, A.

The atomic-scale aspects of twinning and polytypism in minerals


Dobos, T. & Kristály, F.

Investigation of clay minerals in soils formed upon limestones in the Bükk Mountains, Hungary


Dódony, I., Pekker, P. & Cora, I.

Structural study of a kaolinite single-crystal using PED and diffraction tomography


Drev, S., Daneu, N., Kynický, J. & Rečnik, A.

HRTEM study of taaffeite crystals from Mogok (Myanmar)


Ertl, A., Giester, G., Tillmanns, E., Okrusch, M., Schüssler, U. & Brätz, H.

Correlations in Cu- and Mn-bearing tourmalines from Brazil and Mozambique


Fehér, B., Szakáll, S. & Zajzon, N.

Kolbeckite from Bixad, Romania: The first authentic occurrence in the Carpathians


Filipescu, R., Zaharia, L., Cristescu, C. & Simon, V.

Dacian ceramics from Sarmizegetusa Regia archaeological site (Romania): An optical and XRPD study


Gherdán, K., Weiszburg, T.G., Járó, M., Ratter, K., Zajzon, N., Bendő, Zs., Váczi, T., Takács, Á., Varga, G. & Szakmány, Gy.

Nano- and microtesting of historical noble metal threads


Ghineţ, C., Marincea, Şt., Bilal, E. & Iancu, A.M.

Geochemical aspects on the high-temperature skarns from Oraviţa (Romania)


Grakova, O.V.

Mineralogy of diamondiferous paleoplacer in the Timan, Russia


Grozdev, V., Peytcheva, I., Georgiev, S. & Von Quadt, A.

Zircon – “Finger prints” for source rocks: A case study of Paleogene volcanics in SW Bulgaria


Grozdics, T., Tóth, E. & Weiszburg, T.G.

Environmental risk assessment of the abandoned asbestos mine at Dobąiná, Slovakia: A mineralogical approach


Guzmics, T., Berkesi, M. & Szabó, Cs.

Focused ion beam study on melt and fluid inclusions from Kerimasi volcano, Tanzania


Haifler, J. & ©koda, R.

Chemical characterisation and XRD study of zirconolite from Håkestad alkaline pegmatite, Larvik Plutonic Complex, South Norway


Har, N., Grigoraş, R. & Zaharia, L.

Upper Cretaceous-Paleogene dacitic dykes from Iara Valley (North Apuseni Mountains, Romania)


Hargitai, A., Tóth, E., Vasković, N., Miloąević, M. & Weiszburg, T.G.

Abandoned chrysotile asbestos mines in Serbia: An environmental mineralogical study


Hirtopanu, P., Andersen, J.C., Fairhurst, R.J., Ludusan, N. & Jakab, Gy.

Nb, Ta, Ti, REE(Y), Zr, Sn, Th, U oxides from Gradistea de Munte rare element minerals occurrence, Sebes Mts., Romania


Hirtopanu, P., Scott, P.W., Andersen, J.C., Fairhurst, R.J., Chukanov, N.V., Jakab, Gy. & Petrescu, R.

Barium mineralization within the Tulgheş Group, East Carpathians, Romania


Hoeck, V., Ionescu, C., Metzner-Nebelsick, C., Nebelsick, L.D. & Kacsó, C.

Bronze age ceramics and slag from the Lăpuş necropolis (NW Romania)


Horvat, M. & Slovenec, Da.

Petrographic characteristics of the magmatic rocks of Dilj Mt. (southern part of the Pannonian Basin, Croatia)


Iancu (Caraveteanu), A.M., Dumitras, D.G., Marincea, Şt., Anason, A.M. & Ghineţ, C.

The morphology of crystalline phosphogypsum from Romania


Ilinca, G.

Upper Cretaceous contact metamorphism and related mineralization in Romania


Ionescu, C., Hoeck, V. & Simon, V.

The “black ceramics of Marginea” (Romania): A modern analogue of ancient ceramics?


Jankovics, M.É., Harangi, Sz., Kiss, B. & Ntaflos, T.

Implications for the petrogenesis of the basaltic rocks erupted from the monogenetic Kissomlyó volcanic centre, Western Pannonian Basin, Hungary


Jeleň, S., Ponomarenko, O., Mikuą, T., Skakun, L., Bondarenko, S., Grinchenko, O. & Prąek, J.

The occurrence and distribution features of bismuth in Neogene volcanites of Slovakian and Ukrainian Carpathians


Kastrati, S., Grieco, G. & Pedrotti, M.

Projects for the extraction of pyrite in Albania and Kosovo


Kis, A., Klötzli, U., Koller, F. & Buda, Gy.

Morphology and texture of zircons and their inclusions occurring in granitoid rocks of the Mecsek Mts., Hungary


Koděra, P., Heinrich, C.A., Wälle, M. & Fallick, A.E.

Au-porphyry systems and their outstanding fluid properties – Example from the Biely Vrch deposit, Slovakia


Koller, F., Meisel, T., Petersen, O.V. & Niedermayr, G.

Geochemistry of the Nanna pegmatite, Narsaarsuup Quaava, South Greenland


Koller, F., Niedermayr, G., Pintér, Zs. & Szabó, Cs.

The demantoid garnets of the Green Dragon Mine (Tubussi, Erongo Region, Namibia)


Kónya, P., Szakáll, S. & Bartha, A.

Mineralogical and geochemical study of alteration haloes in basalts of the Bakony-Balaton Highland Volcanic Field, Hungary


Kovács-Pálffy, P., Kónya, P., Földvári, M., Thamó-Bozsó, E., Szegő, É., Zelenka, T. & Pécskay, Z.

Bentonite occurrences in the Budatétény-Sóskút Region (Central Hungary)


Kristály, F., Gál, Á., Szakács, A. & Szakáll, S.

Geigerite, a new member of the krautite-villyaellenite paragenesis from Săcărâmb (Southern Apuseni Mts., Romania)


Kučerová, G., Lalinská-Voleková, B., Chovan, M., Majzlan, J., Göttlicher, J. & Steininger, R.

Mineralogy of weathering products of mine wastes at selected deposits in Slovakia


Laufek, F., Vymazalová, A., Drábek, M. & Drahokoupil, J.

Crystal structure study of jacutingaite (Pt2HgSe3) and tischendorfite (Pd8Hg3Se9)


Lenart, A., Bračko, I., Plodinec, M., ©turm, S. & Mirtič, B.

Formation mechanism of α-quartz from opal-A by hydrothermal synthesis


Liptai, N., Patkó, L. & Aradi, L.

Modal compositions and textures of alkali basalt hosted upper mantle xenoliths from the northern part of the Carpathian-Pannonian Region (Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field, Hungary-Slovakia)


Luptáková, J., Milovská, S., Biroň, A., Jeleň, S. & Andráą, P.

Study of secondary minerals of abandoned Cu deposit Ąubietová-Podlipa (Slovakia)


Macek, I. & Novák, M.

Late tourmalines and their unusual compositional trends in granitic pegmatites from the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic


Mádai, F. & Kristály, F.

Composition and microstructure properties of geopolymer material made of acidic fly-ash with NaOH treatment


Mádai, F. & Kristály, F.

Deterioration of dacite from the Csódi Hill quarry, Dunabogdány, Hungary


Marszałek, M., Rzepa, G. & Alexandrowicz, Z.

Mineralogical characteristics of weathering crust on the Polish Flysch Carpathian sandstones


Mashukov, A., Mashukova, A. & Bistryakova, S.

Elemental and phase composition of ores of Norilsk type


Mashukov, A., Mashukova, A. & Bistryakova, S.

The temperature stability of Quaternary precipitations remanence


Matyszczak, W.

Ball pegmatite from Jelenia Góra (Karkonosze Massif) – New outcrop


Menyhárt, A., Zajzon, N. & Szakáll, S.

Beudantite [PbFe3+3(AsO4)(SO4)(OH)6] – segnitite [PbFe3+3(AsO4)2(OH)6] solid solution from Likas-kő, Velence Hills, Hungary


Molnár, K., Kiss, B., Harangi, Sz. & Ntaflos, T.

Disseminated crystal mush fragments in the Ciomadul dacite (SE Carpathians, Romania)


Molnár, L., Koděra, P. & Bakos, F.

Au-porphyry mineralization in Beluj (©tiavnica stratovolcano, Slovakia)


Móricz, F., Mádai, F. & Walder, I.F.

Possible acid rock drainage effect on neutral pH


Nejbert, K., B±bel, M. & Cie¶lik, B.

Mineralogy and genesis of the powder-like sphalerite (brunckite) veins from the Olkusz Mine, Upper Silesia, Poland


Németh, B., Török, K. & Szabó, Cs.

Study of fluid-rock interactions in mafic granulite xenoliths from the Bakony-Balaton Highland Volcanic Field, Hungary


Németh, N., Földessy, J., Kupi, L., Zajzon, N. & Zelenka, T.

Zn-Pb mineralization in Rudabánya (Hungary): A recognized new deposit type


Novák, M. & Loun, J.

Processes of fractionation vs. contamination at the Věľná I pegmatite, Western Moravia, Czech Republic


Nyirő-Kósa, I., Rostási, Á. & Pósfai, M.

Carbonate precipitation under the ice of Lake Balaton


Oláh, I., Bendő, Zs., Szakmány, Gy. & Szilágyi V.

Archaeometric studies of polished stone artefacts from Mecsek-Villány Mts. (South Hungary)


Onuzi, K., Koller, F., Hoeck, V., Gega, D. & Marku, S.

Some data of mineral resources in southeastern Albania, the regions Korce-Librazhd


Ozdín, D., Uher, P., Kaňuchová, Z., Svoreň, J., Baratta, G.A., Porubčan, V. & Tóth, J.

Mineralogical research of the Koąice chondrite (Slovakia)


Palinkaą, L., Jurković, I., Strmić Palinkaą, S. & Garaąić, V.

Genesis of vein-stockwork cryptocrystalline magnesite from the Dinaride ophiolites


Papp, R., Tóth, E., Bendő, Zs. & Weiszburg, T.G.

Desert roses – A crystal morphological study


Park, M., Berkesi, M., Jung, H., Kil, Y. & Szabó, Cs.

Fluids in upper mantle xenoliths from the Rio Grande rift, New Mexico, USA


Pásztor, D., Kiss, G. & Molnár, F.

Submarine hydrothermal and superimposing garnet forming metasomatic processes in the Szarvaskő Basalt Formation (NE-Hungary)


Pedrotti, M., Grieco, G. & Kastrati, S.

Application of an innovative beneficiation technique to Krasta chromite ore (Albania) for the production of high grade-low silica chromite sand


Pieczka, A., Łodziński, M., Szełęg, E., Ilnicki, S.S., Nejbert, K., Szuszkiewicz, A., Turniak, K., Banach, M., Michałowski, P. & Różniak, R.

The Sowie Mts. pegmatites (Lower Silesia, SW Poland): A current knowledge


Pieczka, A. & Wachowiak, J.

Congolite from the Kłodawa salt mine (Central Poland) and its importance at evaluation of metamorphic conditions in the salt dome


Pintér, Zs., Szabó, Á., Berkesi, M., Tóth, A. & Szabó, Cs.

Melt and subduction-related fluids in the Perşani Mountains, Romania upper mantle xenoliths


Pojar, I. & Zaharia, L.

Testing the heavy minerals accumulation in Bozeş sedimentary rocks (South Apuseni Mts., Romania)


Pop, D., Luttge, A., Fischer, C. & Arvidson, R.S.

Surface topography of glauconite grains: A preliminary interferometry study


Porro, S., de Capitani, L. & Servida, D.

Potentially toxic element contamination in earth material and wild flora at the Roşia Montană ancient mining area (Romania)


Přikryl, J., Novák, M. & Gadas, P.

Compositional variation in Cs, Mg, Fe-enriched beryl from common pegmatite in Kovářová, Svratka Unit, Czech Republic


Prokop, J., Losos, Z., Gadas, P. & Vąianský, D.

Fe-vermiculite pseudomorphs after biotite crystals from granodiorites of the Brno Massif (Czech Republic)


Prąek, J., Kołodziejczyk, J., Qela, H., Asllani, B. & Mikuą, T.

Silver-bearing minerals at Stan Terg Pb-Zn deposit, Republic of Kosovo


Puşcaş, C.M., Effenberger, H.S., Stremţan, C.C. & Onac, B.P.

Cave mineralogy and stable isotope geochemistry of Liliecilor Cave, Romania


Raucsik, B. & Rostási, Á.

Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Carnian (Late Triassic) of the Gerecse and Balaton Highland Basins, Hungary: Implications for paleoenvironmental conditions during the Carnian pluvial event


Raucsik, B., Varga, A., Kovács, J., Udvardi, B., Kovács, I., Újvári, G. & Mihály, J.

Clay mineralogy of Quaternary loess-paleosol sections at Beremend and Paks, Hungary: A comparative study


Rečnik, A., Jin, L., Houben, L., Zavaąnik, J. & Daneu, N.

Electron microscopy study of {110} interpenetration twins of pyrite


Robert, J.-L.

Relationships between clay minerals and water: Influence of external and structural factors


Rzepka, P., Bajda, T., Bożęcki, P., Manecki, M. & Rzepa, G.

Clinoptilolite treatment of AMD waters from Africa Reservoir in the Łuk Mużakowa, W Poland


Sadek Ghabrial, D. & Minghua, R.

Metamorphic history of late Neoproterozoic Dokhan-type volcanics in the Meknas area, SE Sinai, Egypt


Sergeeva, I. & Kerestedjian, T.

Experimental dissolution of asbestos, aimed on passivation of asbestos waste dumps


Servida, D., de Capitani, L., Grieco, G., Porro, S. & Comero, S.

Waste rock characterisation supporting a better exploitation and remediation decision-making


Servida, D., de Capitani, L., Grieco, G., Porro, S., Comero, S., Marescotti, P., Forray, F.L., Gál, Á. & Szakács, A.

Potential toxic element mobility at Roşia Montană gold mine (Metaliferi Mts., Romania)


©kácha, P., Sejkora, J., Kníľek, F., Slepička, V., Litochleb, J. & Jebavá, I.

Ag-Sb-Pb mineralization of the vein H14F3, Shaft 21, Příbram uranium and base-metal ore district (Czech Republic)


©koda, R. & Novák, M.

Granitic pegmatites of the Třebíč syenite pluton, Moldanubian Zone, Czech Republic; An example of NYF to mixed pegmatites related to the orogenic pluton


Sogrik, E., Pál-Molnár, E. & Batki, A.

Mineralogical implications in syenites from the Ditrău Alkaline Massif, Romania


Stanković, N., Daneu, N. & Rečnik, A.

Rutile and hematite pseudomorphs from Mwinilunga (Zambia)


©tevko, M. & Sejkora, J.

Supergene arsenates of copper from the Piesky deposit, ©pania Dolina, Central Slovakia


Stremţan, C.C., Ryan, J., Atudorei, V., Savov, I. & Cherata, I.

Mantle versus crustal protoliths in post-collisional magmatism: The Variscan Furcătura pluton, Romanian Southern Carpathians


Strmić Palinkaą, S., Bermanec, V., Palinkaą, L. & Boev, B.

The Čaniąte epidote-bearing pegmatite, FYRO Macedonia: An example of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition


Szakáll, S., Kristály, F. & Zajzon, N.

Minerals of turquoise group from Sândominic, Gurghiu Mts., Romania and from Parádfürdő, Mátra Mts., Hungary


Szakáll, S., Zajzon, N. & Kristály, F.

Unusual ikunolite from Nagybörzsöny ore deposit, Börzsöny, Mts., Hungary


Szełęg, E., Metelski, P. & Janeczek, J.

The first occurrence of native selenium in the Carpathians


Thamó-Bozsó, E.

Luminescence characteristics of quartz separated from Late Pleistocene-Holocene sediments of the Carpathian Basin


Tillmanns, E. & Ertl, A.

The [9]-coordinated X site in the crystal structure of tourmaline-group minerals


Topa, B.A., Tóth, E. & Weiszburg, T.G.

Mineralogical and environmental study of serpentine and amphibole asbestos in the Parâng Mountains, Romania


Tóth, E. & Weiszburg, T.G.

Asbestos: A review with special emphasis on natural Carpathian-Dinaric occurrences


Udvardi, B., Pintér, Zs., Kovács, I., Hidas, K., Kutassy, L., Zelei, T., Falus, Gy., Lendvay, P., Fancsik, T. & Szabó, Cs.

A comprehensive infrared database to recognize the water content of minerals: Pannon Uniform Lithospheric Infrared Spectral Database (PULI)


Uher, P., Bačík, P., Ozdín, D. & ©tevko, M.

Beryl in granitic pegmatites of the Western Carpathians (Slovakia): Compositional variations, mineral inclusions and breakdown products


Varga, A., Dabi, G. & Bajnóczi, B.

Initial results of textural and fluid inclusion analyses of Gyűrűfű Rhyolite Formation (Permian, SW Hungary)


Vasković, N., Belousova, E., O’Reilly, S.Y., Griffin, W.L., Srećković-Batoćanin, D., Christofides, G. & Koroneos, A.

New U-Pb dating and Hf-isotope composition of the Gornjane granitoids (South Carpathians, East Serbia)


Vassileva, R.D., Atanassova, R. & Kouzmanov, K.

Compositional variations of the tennantite-tetrahedrite series from the Madan Pb-Zn deposits, Bulgaria: Oscillatory zoning and conditions of formation


Vetlényi, E., Guzmics, T. & Szabó, Cs.

Petrographic study on magnetite carbonatite from Jacupiranga, Brasil


Viczián, I., Kónya, P., Koroknai, B., Kovács-Pálffy, P., Maros, Gy., Balogh, K. & Pécskay, Z.

Mineralogy and K-Ar geochronology of illite-rich fault gouges in the Mórágy Granite, Hungary


Vojtko, P. & Broska, I.

Chemical composition and inclusion study of primary accessory pyrite from granitoids of the Western Carpathians


Vrhovnik, P., ©muc, N.R., Dolenec, T., Dolenec, M., Serafimovski, T., Daneu, N., Bukovec, P. & Zupančič, M.

Sasa tailings dam characterization (Macedonia)


Walder, I.F.

CO2-mineral sequestration and the potential for extraction of economic by-products


Woodard, J., Sjöblom, S., Fröjdö, S. & Selbekk, R.

Experimental investigation of titanium stability in natural sagenitic phlogopites from Fennoscandian lamprophyres


Zacháry, D., Völgyesi, P., Jordán, Gy. & Szabó, Cs.

Integrated urban geochemical study in Ajka, Hungary


Zaharia, L., Socaciu, A. & Bălc, R.

Bozeş sedimentary unit (Apuseni Mts., Romania) – Geochemical constraints on provenance and tectonic setting


Zahradníček, L., Novák, M. & Gadas, P.

Primary versus metasomatic tourmaline from elbaite-subtype pegmatite in Pikárec near Křiľanov, Czech Republic


Zajzon, N., Kristály, F., Pálfy, J. & Németh, T.

Detailed clay mineralogy of the Triassic-Jurassic boundary in the Eiberg Basin, Austria at two locations (Kendlbachgraben and the GSSP at Kujoch)


Zajzon, N., Szentpéteri, K., Fehér, B., Szakáll, S. & Kristály, F.

Krupkaite from Avram Iancu mine, Băiţa (Bihor) metallogenic district, Romania


Zajzon, N., Szentpéteri, K., Fehér, B., Szakáll, S., Kupi, L. & Barkóczy, P.

New data on Cu-amalgams, kolymite and belendorffite from Rudabánya, Hungary


Zavaąnik, J., ©obak, M., Podlogar, M. & Rečnik, A.

Synthesis of Fe-sulphides by chemical vapour transport method


Zeballos, A., Weihed, P., Blanco, M. & Machaca, V.

Granitic rocks as a source of K2O + Na2O for ceramic applications in Bolivia


Zebec, V., ®igovečki Gobac, ®., Mikulčić Pavlaković, S., ©ijakova-Ivanova, T., Čobić, A. & Bermanec, V.

Sanidine twins from Zvegor, Republic of Macedonia


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