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Editorial Office: Herman Ottó Museum, Department of Mineralogy
Kossuth u. 13., H-3525 Miskolc, Hungary.
Phone: +36-46-505098
Fax: +36-46-555397

E-mail: homin@axelero.hu

Journal of Hungarian topographical mineralogy. Published yearly in Hungarian with English abstracts and captions.

Publisher: Herman Ottó Museum, Miskolc, Hungary.

Series Editor: Dr. Sándor Szakáll (Herman Ottó Museum, Department of Mineralogy, Miskolc), Béla Fehér

Editorial Board:
Dr. Ferenc Molnár (Eötvös University, Department of Mineralogy, Budapest), Dr. Gábor Papp (Hungarian Natural History Museum, Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, Budapest), Prof. Dr. Vilma Széky-Fux (University of Debrecen, Department of Mineralogy and Geology, Debrecen), Dr. Tamás Weiszburg (Eötvös University, Department of Mineralogy, Budapest).

The annually published volumes of Topographia Mineralogica Hungariae offer a forum for up to date research on minerals, mineral deposits and related petrological and geochemical problems of Hungary. Each volume consists of independent articles (except for volumes IV and VII), but, according to the current editorial philosophy, the Editorial Board tries to collect papers dealing with a smaller or bigger geographical-geological unit of Hungary into one volume. Beside the larger core papers, containing the results of current research activities, the reader can find review type papers and shorter, gap filling articles as well. The subjects and the order of the volumes are determined basically by the current research interest of Hungarian mineralogists and geologists and partly by the interest of the sponsors of the series, whose help has been vital for TMH.


Published volumes:

I (1993)

Papp, G., Szakáll, S. & Weiszburg, T. (Eds.):

Minerals of Mulató Hill, Erdőbénye, NE Hungary  Out of print!


250 HUF

plus postage

II (1994)

Szakáll, S. & Weiszburg, T. (Eds.):

Minerals of Telkibánya, NE Hungary Out of print!


700 HUF

plus postage

III (1998)

Szakáll, S. (Ed.):

Minerals of the Szerencs Hills


400 HUF

plus postage

IV (1996)

Szakáll, S. & Jánosi, M.:

Minerals of Hungary [monograph, full text in English]

Out of print!

out of print

V (1997)

Szakáll, S. & Papp, G. (Eds.):

Minerals of the Esztramos Hill, North Hungary


650 HUF

plus postage

VI (1999)

Papp, G. (Ed.):

Minerals of Csódi Hill, Dunabogdány


600 HUF

plus postage

VII (2002)

Papp, G.:

History of topographical and descriptive mineralogy in Hungary


2700 HUF

plus postage

VIII (2003)

Szakáll, S. & Fehér, B. (Eds.):

Minerals of Szár Hill, Polgárdi, Hungary


1200 HUF

plus postage

IX. (2006)

Szendrei, G.  and  Tóth, T. (Eds.):
Salt minerals on surfaces of salt-affected soils in Hungary

700 HUF

plus postage

 You can download the abstracts of the papers in PDF format. You need an Acrobat Reader to reading and printing PDF files. For the Acrobat Reader please push the button.

You can order the volumes on the following e-mail address: szakacs@hermuz.hu 


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